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What We Do

We offer a down-to-earth & friendly service for those who require affordable, well organized & high standard photography. We cover a range of photography from product work to events, including weddings. In addition to this, we also sell our artwork, of which some are available to buy via the Work for Sale page, there are more images for sale on our Facebook page however; the link is at the bottom of the page.



About the Artist



Sarah Peart is a graduate of NULC, leaving with a triple Distinction in an Extended Diploma in photography, in 2016. She has had many successful collaborations with a photography studio & art gallery called One One Six. Sarah has been involved with many photographic projects with them, such as: Dark Thoughts Through a Sunny Window, Live Age Festival 2016, and has also had a solo exhibition called Grey Porcelain, with some help from One One Six. She is now a self employed photographer who specializes in event photography and also produces art photography to sell. Sarah enjoys putting an artistic spin into everyday life, seeking to capture an insight and a new perspective on the world. As simple as this may sound, it seems that the more she works with and adapts to her natural surroundings, the more she has become more appreciative of the idea of “The Decisive Moment” by HCB. This is the mind set she now has when on a photo shoot, regardless what job or a project, to produce interesting and strong images that everyone can be happy with.



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