Your Quiet Place

Even though lock down may be coming to an end gradually but please don’t forget we are far from the safe zone, so please be wary and be safe. The weather is very tempting to go out and travel lately, why not simply go out for a little walk for a bit, if you don’t have a garden, or a near by quiet place you know of, so you still get out for an hour or two while avoiding crowds and are able to social distance properly. I feel grateful now more than ever to have my studio in the location that it’s in and I hope you guys find that little space to clear your head and remain safe and aware. Here are some lovely photos from my little space I like to visit.


Stay Inspired

Right now we’re all adjusting to what is being referred to as the ‘new normal’ and to help us do this, there are little things throughout our daily lives that we try to keep doing. One of things include going outside for an hour everyday, of which we’re now doing more than ever as it simply allows us to breathe and reduces our stresses for a while. If you’re anything like myself and are filled with anxiety about stepping outside right now, the one things that seems to help is taking a camera and looking at the interesting and beautiful environment around me. Here are a few images that were recently taken from a short trip around an interesting local park. If you’re struggling to get outside but know you need to, then maybe take something with you that you can use to be inspired by what you see, whether it’s a camera or a notebook and pen, just enjoy being outside and don’t forget to stay safe.

Time to Refocus

January and February is that time of year as a self employed artist where it can be very quiet, so quiet at times that it can be hard not to feel a little down. However, it’s the perfect time to take a step back and reevaluate and focus on art as a business. It’s the time to reset your aims for the year ahead, in order to make your business successful for another year. 

Let’s all cheer to a new year and new business goals to keep the arts and small businesses thriving.

Even the Wicked Rest

As far as being self-employed goes, people think you can take time of whenever you want, which I suppose is technically true, as many of you may know that’s rarely the case. However, the end of the year is the most important time or year to take a break and just let go a little. Don’t forget to take a break yourself and give yourself a bit of healing time, to relax, to gather your thoughts and think about your goals for the year ahead.

Here are images from the last photo shoot of this year and no matter what/if you celebrate, have a safe and wonderful end of year and a successful new one.


Back to Basics


These days it seems that the more you progress in photography, the more people tell you to avoid pretty sunsets and landscapes. However, sometimes I reckon it’s good to go back to basics, it’s sometimes harder than it looks. Everyone has taken photos of landscapes and sunsets in some form or another when starting in photography so why not do it again. It’s been fun to go back to basics in one sense but with more knowledge the images produced are naturally stronger. Below is an example of a few ‘pretty’ landscapes and sunsets that have been taken lately, I know I wouldn’t have been able to take this sort of things so easily when I first started photography.



This month was the final shoot for a two-year documentary a small group of us have been involved in. It was a cold and dark ending but also magnificent and inspiring one. The last location we visited were docklands; during the day are slightly haunting and interesting but at night, they’re so magnificent and bright.
The shooting of the last day was relaxed and pleasant, I think we were all at peace (and grateful) knowing this was the last time. Our adventure has had us traveling from Swiss Cottage to Greenwich, the West End to random little back roads that hold precious memories relevant to the project.  Also, this documentary seriously challenges and forces you to improve your photography skills, especially when about 70% of your images are taken out of a back seat car window, it creates some odd looking work sometimes and I love it.

Photography In Summer

The weather has been amazing (mostly) over the past month so I made of the most of it and did some natural outdoor photography. Often, when it’s great weather you assume that it’s perfect for photography, especially if you don’t often use the a flash. As any photographer can tell you, this is definitely not the case. You have ensure that the sun is t directly facing your camera because it can in fact damage the sensor and it can ruin your shot too. To work around this, I have found taking close up images and having the hood on the camera lens, also going out in the early evening is great as its still light but the sun isn’t overhead.
It’s always interesting when you can simply walk down your street and find yourself seeing things in a new light, you start snapping away; the sun makes us all feel that bit more positive.
If you guys have had your own challenges and solutions when photographing outdoors and very hot weather feel free to comment below.