These are different types of photography that we have made our own here at SE Photos so scroll down and take a look



Our photo shoots are not what you would consider standard. Here at SE Photos, we offer you the chance for us to work together to create your own dark creation to live out and have fun doing so. You could have the ultimate couples portrait or a twisted fun family portrait, perfect for Halloween or those of you that simply love the darker things in life. For a free consultation and more info email us via out contact page or social media.




Our event photography can be adapted to whatever is required, as we’ve worked with a lot of different clients that always require something to suit the specifically and that’s what we’re where to do for you. We’ll work to a brief or any given theme and we will always produce a selection of high standard social media friendly images for you to have and do with what you please and we’ll always work with you and your budget to get the best out of what you need.




We specialise in this style of photography as we know that there is nothing worse than taking a quick photo of your work and it turning out a different colour. We ensure you that we’ll take great care with your art and work with you to capture your ideal images of your work in the best light, this being in an art gallery or for individual pieces for commercial use. Simply contact us via the contact page with a bit about yourself and your work and we’ll be sure to provide you with the best images of your amazing artwork.




As you can see, we’ve worked with quite a few clients and artists to create stills to compliment their creative visions and also to giggle at from behind the scenes, whether they’re music videos or feature-length films. We can cater to whatever it is you need to complete your project, which can include us creating a poster for you by using our images if you so wish. If you’re interested in getting a stills photographer to be part of your creative team then look no further, just use the contact page if you’d like more info.