A collection of small projects and particular images that have and haven’t been displayed publicly.




East West

This is a very small amount of photographs compared to the complete collection. It is a documentation of the demolition of a well known place called Hanley Bus Station, a large run down area in Hanley, Stoke-On-Trent. We were all happy to see to see this place go as it had become a derilict, grimy eye sore. However, it was incredible to get an insight to see it get taken down bit by bit and I feel like you guys should see them.



Peace of Mind

These are a collection of images taken during personal walks, just enjoying being at peace and wondering around in my own little adventure. I wanted to document the life and world I get to see on these walks and to show that it’s good not to over think things and just enjoy what you see and what you do.



Monochrome Steel

This project was created during a peak of my digital experimentation in 2019. It depicts the town of Burton-Upon-Trent, where three major brewery companies produce their beer, in a different light. This type of manipulation makes the towers blend in more with their surroundings but stand out even more at the same time by enhancing their marks, shape and sheer size of them compared to the town.



Calendars (2018)

Every month of 2018, I gave myself the task of doing an unplanned photo shoot every month, for a year, to challenge myself. Here’s a small look at the variety of photo shoots from last year.



Infinite City

This came about from a larger project I’m involved in about how London has changed. This is about how huge and unique the city is. The towns that makes up this huge place are cities in themselves. Using street photography by myself and written opinions by Richard Snell, we were able to show how much London has changed and how it’s always growing and evolving.



Grey Porcelain

I’m always drawn to more macabre subjects when it comes to art photography. This was when I really started to explore experimental photography, the variable being that you could change the image in-camera rather than post production.




This is a mini series about capturing the magic of the ocean without having to really go out to see it. I wanted to capture the wonders of the shoreline and what it has always meant to me when I’m at the seaside & the wonderful thing I enjoy watching. This is also the first series I ever did.