Fixing Photos

When a quiet but productive moment is needed at work at the moment, I find sticking on a pair of headphones and working on fixing old images is quite relaxing, challenging but relaxing. It’s also a great way of learning how to use Photoshop more efficiently without affecting the look of the original image and saving a bit of time. Just think though, about how many memories out there are restored and brought to life once again because we have this ability to digitally restore fix old images to their true form; it’s really quite amazing. Back in the studio, we’re currently doing a restoration job for a friend, so to show you one of the easier kinds of images you can restore, here’s a little snippet of an image that turned out to be one of the more interesting photos that took some time, it was definitely worth it though.



Photography In Summer

The weather has been amazing (mostly) over the past month so I made of the most of it and did some natural outdoor photography. Often, when it’s great weather you assume that it’s perfect for photography, especially if you don’t often use the a flash. As any photographer can tell you, this is definitely not the case. You have ensure that the sun is t directly facing your camera because it can in fact damage the sensor and it can ruin your shot too. To work around this, I have found taking close up images and having the hood on the camera lens, also going out in the early evening is great as its still light but the sun isn’t overhead.
It’s always interesting when you can simply walk down your street and find yourself seeing things in a new light, you start snapping away; the sun makes us all feel that bit more positive.
If you guys have had your own challenges and solutions when photographing outdoors and very hot weather feel free to comment below.



What Inspires You?

Whether it’s a pre-planned shoot, paid work or just general exploration, there is always something to see that can inspire me. Sometimes it can take time to get into the flow of the photo shoot but then something will grab my attention and then magic kicks in and the images just roll out.
What sort of things inspire you when working? Does it range from a specific artist for inspiration, or a location; or does it come from within, your own experiences from life? I personally believe that every piece of art can be inspired by something different, almost every time. Some can be inspired by simple aesthetics of an place or something that feels right in the moment. However, I want to know what things inspire you guys to create your art, whatever medium that may be; please don’t be afraid to comment below i you’re feeling open.


My kind of work

Lately, it has been discovered that the style of art photography that I do is the sort that would look smart in places such as hotels or corporate buildings. I’ve unintentionally become a corporate photographer (in a sense). I don’t mind, it’s great really because it shows that there’s a market for everything if you can find it. It is difficult marketing your own artwork that’s quite personal but when something clicks then you just know, that’s the route to take. If any of you reading this happen to be in an office space or know anyone who works at a corporate building or hotel (that could be improved by some customized photography) then feel free to point them in this direction. My work is catered to suit budgets, themes and locations. As an example, here’s what just some of my work could look like in different locations to give you an idea.

Event Photography

When it comes to event photography, no matter where you are, it can have it’s challenges, like any other job. These often consist of difficult lighting or too many people in a confined space. Fortunately these issues can normally be fixed “in camera”, with the help of a good flash and the appropriate lens for the event. There are many reasons why I enjoy doing event photography, I especially enjoy photographing people when they’re more relaxed, after an hour or so at the event. Candid photos show true characters and being able to capture someone’s ecstatic laughter or smile is the kind of thing I look for. So if you’re ever looking for an event photographer who can capture your event in the exact light you need, then don’t hesitate to contact.

Fresh Perspective

It’s a new year and a new start, I know it’s a typical thing to say but it’s also true. After spending some time to get my feet on the ground in the world of self employment, I now have an idea of what can be achieved and what can be developed. All sorts of things can be expanded on from revamping logos to specific business goals for the end of the year. Here’s a few images to give you a look into what’s going to be happening this year.


Countdown to Christmas


It’s nearly here!

The most popular celebration of the year of the year is almost here and this is where the madness really begins! Christmas trees, decorations, visits to Santa and struggling to find that perfect gift for that someone who truly deserves something special this year. What better way to show your appreciation to someone this year than ordering a custom sized photograph that can be put in a bespoke frame of your choice. There are so many images to choose from on this site that can be printed to any size and all you have to do is email me through the contact page or on social media (facebook/instagram).



As we all know, ’tis the season to be jolly about now, even though everybody is always in a spin worrying about gifts and last minute online shopping. Sometimes it’s nice to to get the people you care about something a little different, more special for a change, rather than normal socks or candle sets.
Luckily for you lovely people out there, all images you find on this link (Artwork) can be custom printed and framed to your specifications. It could be a grand gift with all the trimmings or a sweet little gift for the fireplace. We have calming sunsets, colourful abstracts or even the perfect photos for the alternative people you know.
Feel free to take a look and don’t hesitate to email about any details and inquiries.

Happy holidays everyone!


This month I’ve decided that I’m sharing one creepy photo a day up to Halloween. This has proven tricky as I don’t actually have that many photo shoots that are horror/spooky based. This also means however, that I get to do more photo shoots. What other month is there that’s the best time to do horror photography? I’ve shared images that have a metaphoric meaning, that play on fears or just simply looks creepy. I have a few shoots planned using one prop only, which is an old soviet gas mask. These photos will be shared on social media, so keep your eyes peeled.

Here are a sample of horror images that I’ve previously taken, of which are all for sale (print to order), or check out my Instagram page for even more.